Pebble Construction Building Awards

equestrian barn award

Equestrian Barn/Facility (NFBA 2021)

This facility is used for family activities and enjoyment. Housing of livestock (ponies, horses and a goat) is part of the family work and fun.

The barn carries importance to the community because it retains property that has an established agricultural use. It allows a continued agricultural function while surrounded by housing developments. The focused collaboration of zoning and agricultural use is a newsworthy achievement.

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Carpenter project

Suburban Garage (NFBA 2021)

The setting for this garage is in a subdivision that has eleven residences. This project needed to blend into this high-end atmosphere. The building is used as a garage for collection quality cars but also functions as a “man cave” get away while supplying connection to the family pool and entertainment spaces.

The exterior and interior finishes keep maintenance to a minimum and allows more time for enjoying the cars that he has collected.

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