Energy Advantages of Post Frame Buildings

While Pebble Construction always strives toward “Creating building solutions with intent focus on quality, value, and relationships”, we remember that energy efficiency in building solutions contribute to the quality and value of our client's project.

Energy is the one of the largest controllable operating expenses that a building owner can make. The decision to go with post frame construction can provide you with many energy efficient opportunities. Unobstructed wall cavities in post frame construction provides excellent opportunity for insulation while the wood structural framing are excellent natural insulators.

Pebble Construction's exterior walls have an 8 ½” wall cavity for our standard R-19 wall insulation with vapor barrier and a R-40 ceiling insulation. This wall insulation package combined with ceiling insulation makes Pebble’s buildings a very energy efficient and most cost effected option in the industry.

Although it is easy to just think about the insulation in the walls of a building when it comes to energy efficiency, Pebble Construction doesn't just stop there. We use quality, energy efficient ventilation, roofing, doors and windows.

With new technologies and techniques growing every day, Pebble strives to push the envelope on creating the most efficient building. Closed Cell and Open Cell Foam systems are also an option that we can offer, as the need arises.

If your goals are to save money and/or to impact the environment positively, having an energy-efficient pole barn will help you accomplish just that. Pebble Construction is here to help you with all your building goals which includes an energy efficient building.